Transport Facility

student-life-09Institute’s network of transport buses will cover all nearby places, including local communities and townships. It is designed for the convenience of our students and staff members who are residing outside the campus. This will ensure their personal safety, travel reliability and punctuality.



  1. All the students availing transport facility are required to board the transport vehicle from the assigned point.
  2. The route and pick up points shall be at the discretion of transport manager.
  3. Transport committee is formed to decide the route for the convenience of all.
  4. If any of the students is on leave he/she must inform the transport manager.
  5. The charges shall be deposited in advance to avoid any inconvenience; it will be applicable for full complete year/session and non refundable if left in between.
  6. The transport boarders shall arrive at pickup point 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.
  7. All the transport boarders should maintain decorum and discipline in the vehicle.