Tips for Shining in a University Interview

October 22, 2016

University interview is a very important day in every student’s life. One needs to prove that he is well-rounded and knows the subject very well. Interviews are the only chance to impress, particularly if you are not expecting top grades. An interview is the best way to prove your capabilities and to demonstrate your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject. Read on to know what you should keep in mind to make the most out of it.


Preparation plays an important role in success in every field. The more we prepare for any exam, greater are the chances of qualifying it. Besides, this preparation builds in a confidence, which is necessary for any stream. So prepare well, ask your seniors to share their experiences and try to catch the best part from them. Make sure you eat a good breakfast on the morning of the interview, – even if you’re not hungry. It will set you up for the day and prevent any awkward stomach rumbling.
While you’re eating breakfast or travelling to the interview, it’s a good idea to catch up on that day’s news on the radio. This could come in handy if you’re quizzed on current affairs in your interview.

Your appearance is extremely important while going for an interview. So, don’t take it lightly, you won’t get another chance to make the first impression. What you select should not be too fancy, not too casual. Wear something smart and comfortable. A knee-length dress or smart trousers and blazer are the best bet for girls, and for guys, a nice suit or smart shirt, tie and trousers are your safest options.

In the last before entering the interview room, take a cool breadth and relax. With a cool smile on your face, give a firm handshake. Keep eye contact as much as possible and make sure not to slouch.

From-Student’s Desk SIIT