New Year Resolution for Students

October 7, 2016

Every student tries his best to become a better performer day by day. As each year passes we make new resolutions and try to implement them in our lives. Still, we can’t make the most of it. Here are some ways that can really help you a lot. Just read on to know in detail.

1 Don’t skip your lectures and seminars
Before you plan to skip any lecture, think twice that why am I missing part of an education for which I am paying a lot? Lecture and seminars cover the content you are going to be tested on and by missing them you could fall behind. After you leave university, potential employers may ask for a reference from your lecturers. So are those early morning lie-ins really worth missing out on your dream job?

2 Pick your nights out
Try to minimize the time you spend out. Make a daily schedule and try to stick to it. If you’ve got a raging hangover, you’ll be lucky to get out of bed. The answer is to ration your nights out, or your degree might get lost along with your memories of the night before.

3. Limit the shows that you watch
When an essay is looming, the television shows you can access on your laptop will seem much more attractive than that document with your first few shaky paragraphs in it. Limit the number of shows you watch. Don’t start a new series before you have finished an old one. Or stick to live TV – at least you can’t get tempted to watch episode after episode.

4 Try to build good relation ships
Be honest with your friends and roommates. Try to win their faith. Good relationships can help a lot in fighting extreme conditions. Care for others, can develop a feeling of others.

5. Focus on your career
Search for online programs which can help keep you in remaining updated for your future. They can give you better knowledge about the recent activities and program’s related to your field.

From- Student’s Desk SIIT