How to use latest technology to benefit your study life.

November 21, 2016

Students today are more tech-savy then ever before. Technology is becoming an important part of their academic life. Access to technology and all the advantages it affords may seem like a fact of life to them. Internet has become go-to research portal now days. Now the students have an app in their phone which reminds them about the next date of their final exam. Read on to know in detail how technology is helping students in their college life.

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Email is a very fast and easy way of exchanging text and documents. Although today we have the ability to instantly connect via text message or social media, through many other ways, but still email still has its own importance. It plays a huge role to play in college life. According to surveyors, 91 percent of students use email to communicate with their professors, and 38 percent can’t go more than 10 minutes without checking their emails, smartphones or laptops. These are some of the important figures which can help in knowing the growing use of technology.

Mobile apps are becoming popular day by day. Students find then useful in a number of ways like for chatting in their study groups and making flashcards to calculating their grades and crafting to-do lists.

Students exchange notes through key strokes instead of pen and paper. They find this easy, time saving and more effective way of exchanging notes.
A number of courses are carried out online now a days and students love to take them.