How to overcome Threats which can damage your College life?

November 3, 2016

College life is full of challenges and excitement. Students, who have just moved out of their school life, come to a new world which is very much advanced. This phase of life is really amazing. But this journey sometimes ends happily and in some cases it can be disappointing also. As there are positive and negative both types of factors that influence whether a college student will succeed or not. Some factors are threats that can really damage their life. Read on to know how to overcome them.

Threats 3

Once students complete the teen age, they are attracted to all these substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. It’s not necessary that they start drinking it by themselves sometimes company effects a lot. And in the case of college students it is very true. All students are not attracted towards it, but when they see others forcing them they start drinking. But you should avoid that too. Drinking alcohol to some extent is not at all dangerous, but people who become habitual, their life become a real disaster. A number of national studies have shown that drinking alcohol in excess can impair college students’ academic standing, increase their potential for injury and memory loss, and also increase the probability that they’ll hurt others.

Life is very beautiful and you are in such a tender age, there are a number of things out there for you. Enjoy them and avoid this. Don’t stop going to parties, prefer soft drinks or juices instead of this.

Some college students forget that they came to school for getting education and preparing for their career. Substance abuse during these this phase of life can significantly affect their academic performance and also stop them from making good decisions. Ditching class and not studying for exams to use drugs will quickly cause any student to fall to the bottom of her class. Drugs can even stop you from being able to focus or concentrate in class even if you decide to attend. Thus, drug use can severely limit the value of your college education.

Avoid companies of those who take all these or force you to taste that. Try your best to save them also, consult your teachers about the one who has been addicted. If you get a chance just watch how badly these addicted people lie on the floor when they have consumed all this.