How College’s Official Face book page can help you?

November 18, 2016

Maintaining an official face book page is becoming important for every type of business now days. Pages allow an organization, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a professional presence on Face book. So most of the companies try to maintain official face book page to keep things going. Read on to know in detail how college’s official face book page can help students.


Stay updated about the Latest Events
College life is always full of fun; most of the students don’t take it seriously. They never watch notice boards and besides this they bunk lectures too. So they are not at all aware of recent academic or co- curricular activities going on in the college. These things updated by college administration on the face book page can make things better.

Every college has a number of departments and it very difficult for students to know about what is happening in other sectors. A number of departments conduct activities in which student beyond the sector can take part and sometimes they allow ex-students also. But lack of knowledge of this cannot make the event as successful as it can be. Every department should update all these activities on colleges face book page so that students can take maximum advantage of this and they can also participate in various programs.

Information about the lecture of any guest or regarding admission to any particular course, etc can be also displayed here. Students who miss cultural programs of the college can see them thsorugh this platform.