Hostel packing check list must include these few things

November 25, 2016

Moving out of your kingdom to hostel is not very easy. No more pampering, you have to take care of yourself. This phase of life is a mixture of so many feelings like excitement, thrill and some of you may find it scary too. Leave the fear in the backyard and move out all prepared to face the new challenges of college life. Here is a list of few things that should be on the top of the Hostel packing check list. Just scroll down to know in detail.

packing hostel picture

• Kitchenware
If you are a fussy eater, then you should definitely carry a set of few utensils like dishes, cups, mugs, spoons, etc. it will be easy for you to make something by yourself instead of eating outside. Even if you have a meal plan still preparing a few snacks late night would be easy.

• Tech tools
Smartphone, Laptop, printer, tablet, power strip/surge protector, extension cords, chargers and I know there are still a few more names that you would definitely like to carry with you. I know you need this all at arm’s reach. But still you should take only those, which you can take care off.

• Games
Playing games on computer or even outside in ground is not possible every time, so it would be good that you should carry a few board games, deck of cards, gaming system with extra controllers, etc.

• Ample amount of needed clothes
You know this very well that you won’t get time for laundry in the whole week. So carry a big laundry basket for hiding the dirty clothes. Socks and underwear’s should be sufficient in number. Carry some room fresheners too.

• First-aid Kit
We know about this kit since childhood and our mom never left home without this. So how can you leave this! Just check that you have everything like band-aid, pain reliever, antibiotic cream, or antacid and other medicines that you take in case of any emergency.