GRE, TOEFL and H1B Visa

January 29, 2017

Graduate Record Examination or The GRE exam is a standardized test of the United States and some other English-speaking countries for getting admission to graduate school programs. These exams are carried out at various centers throughout the year. It measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning that are not related to any specific field of study. GRE test will include multiple-choice and essay question both. Depending on the program the student is taking one have to give the subject test.


Test of English as a Foreign Language or the TOEFL is a test conducted to check the ability of student to understand and produce the English language in an educational environment. Students who wish to study in College or University English speaking countries are expected to qualify these tests for getting admission.

So, it is clear from the above discussion that if you are planning for admission in any US Graduate School, then you need to qualify these tests. The immediate question that may arise in your mind might be What are average GRE , TOEFL Scores ? Then the answer is very simple, you can get an idea of these scores by visiting the website of that school in which you want to apply. Most of the schools display their average results dating back from years. It can give you a judgment that whether you are eligible for this school or not. It is advised that before registering for GRE or TOEFL, the student should apply for passport, as the details regarding the name and last name are checked through passport.

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a US company to appoint a foreign worker for a period of six years. Once this visa is secured, then most of the people apply for citizenship. But, getting a US Green Card is a tough job in comparison to this. The maximum duration of this visa is ten years for exceptional United States Department of Defense project related work. Mostly, U.S government offers this visa to workers with long-term assignments. There are a number of conditions that one needs to fulfill for acquiring this temporary work visa. Like you should have a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a foreign country or you should have a US employer that is ready to hire you. Most of the engineers, programmers or professionals that are interested in working in United States apply for this.