First Day in the College Campus!!!

October 31, 2016

I just can’t forget my first day in the college. It was a very different experience, which I usually don’t share .
But, now when I look on the new comers, I see the same picture again. I just want all the newbie’s to come out of this situation. After long vacations, I was just waiting for my college to start and I was very excited as well as nervous also.
I had no old friends, was just searching someone, who could be very friendly, but, could not find anyone, because of my shy nature. On my way to classroom I met some seniors of third semester; they look a little intro, and guided me the way to the lecture room. But, just after walking a few steps more in the corridor, I found myself surrounded by a group of seniors, who were taking raging in the campus.
I saw all fresher’s standing in a line and waiting for their call. I was also asked to stand in that long queue. I was very nervous and till my turn I got fainted due to excessive pressure. But, our seniors were very good; they immediately took me to the sick room and gave me all the necessary medical assistance. Later on when I was ok, I was asked to do all that others have done, but in a very polite manner. All I want to say is that it was just my fear that took me to this situation. Raging is for fun, one should enjoy this activity. Don’t get over excited or nervous, just be calm and things will be very cool for you.

From- Student’s Desk SIIT