Future of a country can be assessed through the mindset of their students in present. And Institutes can play an invincible role in preparing them in right way to make their country, society, parent, family and friends feel proud for them. Here we are doing our part by providing them right pitch to tone their performance in order to conquer the throat-cut competition out there in this world on the same time to grow them with a feeling of ‘happy child at play’.

First Day in the College Campus!!!

October 31, 2016

I just can’t forget my first day in the college. It was a very different experience, which I usually don’t share .
But, now when I look on the new comers, I see the same picture again. I just want all the newbie’s to come out of this situation. After long vacations, I was just waiting for my college to start and I was very excited as well as nervous also.
I had no old friends, was just searching someone, who could be very friendly, but, could not find anyone, because of my shy nature.

Tips for Shining in a University Interview

October 22, 2016

University interview is a very important day in every student’s life. One needs to prove that he is well-rounded and knows the subject very well. Interviews are the only chance to impress, particularly if you are not expecting top grades. An interview is the best way to prove your capabilities and to demonstrate your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject. Read on to know what you should keep in mind to make the most out of it.

New Year Resolution for Students

October 7, 2016

Every student tries his best to become a better performer day by day. As each year passes we make new resolutions and try to implement them in our lives. Still, we can’t make the most of it. Here are some ways that can really help you a lot. Just read on to know in detail.

1 Don’t skip your lectures and seminars
Before you plan to ski