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What Young Faculty Should Do to be more Productive in Research

October 27, 2016

Though a number of issues were raised, interestingly two points emerged very strongly and most people mentioned that as something they should do to improve their research productivity. These two points were: R&D Focus, and time management.

R&D focus was expressed in various ways: Focus more on the projects at hand before moving to other projects (i.e. pick a few projects/problems and take them to completion before moving on); focus on limited or f

Undue Focus on Marks is Hurting Students

October 17, 2016

Success in Indian education, particularly at school level, is measured almost entirely in terms of marks obtained in some tests. A key goal of school education is to facilitate getting good higher education opportunities. And in India the higher education opportunities are almost entirely based on marks in class XII or some admission test like JEE. So, naturally, students, schools, and parents work towards maximizing marks in these exams in order to maximize their expected outcome. It is clear that focus on marks in Class XI

Mentoring Programs for New faculty

October 14, 2016

Mentoring programs for new faculties are really useful. It is the process in which a supervisor or a peer guides a new employee through the initial few months of his employment. Faculty mentoring is a relatively new concept that pairs senior tenured faculty with new hires, who can also be former doctoral or postgraduate research students. Mentoring is important in a university setting because it strengthens relationships, enhances the quality of teaching and research and better integrates new faculty into the university comm