Career Prospects in Civil Engineering

February 15, 2017

Civil Engineering is a stream full of career opportunities, as the field incorporates a number of areas. If you are considering a career in this field, then you are exactly on the right track. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for these professionals are expected to grow at a great pace in the coming ten years. And the opportunity for their employment lies in every industry. Read on to know in detail about the variety and magnitude of jobs that makes the field exciting and challenging.


Structural Engineer

Analyzing and designing structures that support or resist loads are the tasks for which these professionals are employed. Basically they deal with designing large structures or buildings, but some of them are also employed in fields which deal with designing machinery, vehicles and medical equipment. There are a number of jobs for these engineers in government, public as well as private sectors too.

Geo technical Engineer
These civil engineers are employed in the rock and soil departments which supports the structures that other civil engineers design. While pursuing their studies they deal in detail about the behavior of Earth’s material. For supporting man-made structures they design and determine the most suitable foundations.

Materials Engineer
Students interested in physics and chemistry usually pursue a career in material engineering. Most of the engineering disciplines are influenced by material engineering. They are the requirement of almost all the industries which deal with mining, manufacturing and research, etc.

Environmental Engineer
Environmental Engineer all deal with tasks related to improvement of environment. All projects related to the treatment of chemical, biological and thermal wastes are executed under these professionals. Air pollution control, waste water management, recycling and waste disposal are the different areas in which these engineers are appointed.

Water resource Engineer
Water resource Engineer deals with the projects related with the collection and management of water. Proper systems are to be maintained for distributing water in different parts of the city.

Earthquake Engineer
Earthquake engineers are involved in the projects involved in construction of buildings and other structures that could resist the pressures of earthquake. To avoid the destruction’s caused by these natural disasters they are expected to make structures that are tolerant.

Coastal Engineer
Coastal engineers deal with the issues like flooding and erosion. They manage the coastal areas of the country. Projects related to transport, communication and agriculture have always requirement of dedicated and talented civil engineers.