Air Cooled Hostels

Hostel of our college gives the feeling of “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”. Following facilities are available at the hostel:-

  1. Provision of double/triple seated rooms with option for air cooled accommodation in college campus.
  2. Origin of a new concept known as MENTORSHIP wherein a mentor act as a ‘Friend, Philosopher and Guide’ enhancing overall skill of students apart from the academics.
  3. Students from all parts of India, including more than 400 students from all over the Rajasthan and adjoining states like U.P., M.P., Bihar, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat.
  4. Availability of Computer lab, tutorial rooms, gym, lecture halls, provisional store, call booth, canteen and library facility for the hostellers.
  5. Centralized air cooling system with fully furnished rooms.
  6. Pure vegetarian, wholesome and homely food
  7. Strict discipline, personal attention and 24 hours security.
  8. Book bank facility is available for the whole session.
  9. Guest rooms for parents.
  10. Weekly visit by an expert Doctor.
  11. 24 x 7 Vehicle facility is available to meet any emergency or exigencies.
  12. Summer Training camps and hostel tours are organized.
  13. Regular personality development programs with the help of audio visual facilities.
  14. Availability of sports instructor and one faculty member for each subject in the hostel Campus.
  15. Personal attention to the study of the hostelers through mentor systems.